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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a new Wiki space?

Please fill in this form to request a wiki space, you should receive a response in four working days.

How do I log in?

Use your UCL user ID and password to log into UCL Wiki at: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/wiki.

How do I give or change people's access to my wiki?

  1. You need to make your wiki space available to others - by default only you can see it.
    You can either allow individuals or groups to view/edit your space.
    To allow anyone at UCL to view your Wiki add the UCL-all group.
    To add all staff add the all-staff group.
    To create you own groups see: How do I create my own user group in the UCL wiki?

To set view/edit permissions for your Wiki space:

    1. Log into UCL Wiki and navigate to your space
    2. Click Browse Space
    3. Click the Space Admin tab
    4. Click Permissions
    5. Click Edit Permissions (any of the three - they all link to the same page)
    6. To add a UCL group:
      • Click the search icon alongside the search box underneath the Groups heading:
      • Enter the name of the group you want to add with a * on each side. E.g *ELE*
      • Click Search
      • Select the group(s) you want to add by selecting the checkbox(es)
      • Click Select Group(s)
    1. To add a UCL user:
      • Click the search icon alongside the search box underneath the Individual Users heading:
      • Enter search text in either the Full name or the username field
      • Click Search
      • Select the user(s) you want to add by selecting the checkbox(es)
      • Click Select User(s)
    2. Don't forget to Save All

What do I do when the wiki cannot find the user I want to add?

Ask the user to log in to UCL Wiki, as above, so that their account will be created. This is only necessary once.

> How can I help non-UCL students and colleagues access UCL Wiki?

If you don't mind anyone with an Internet connection viewing your Wiki you can set anonymous read access (Note: anonymous write access is not allowed)

The only way to allow non UCL users to edit pages on your UCL Wiki is to obtain IS user accounts for them; this can be requested via the Services System.
There may be an administrative charge for creation and management of the IS user account.

Any intercollegiate students registered on Portico will automatically get UCL userids.
If students are not registered on Portico - i.e. if your department is making other arrangements -
then they will only be able to get userids by recording the students as visitors using the Services System and expressly requesting user accounts.

> How do I give someone permission to just one (or several) pages in my wiki space?

That depends on where the page is in your wiki space. Think of the user permissions and your page hierarchy like an inverted pyramid.
As you work down your page hierarchy, you can get more specific/more restrictive permissions, but you can't get less restrictive as you work down the page hierarchy unfortunately.
For someone to have access to a page down in the hierarchy, they also need to have permission to the pages above it.

Follow the instructions here to open up part of your Wiki space for other users to view or edit:


> How do I create my own user group in the UCL wiki?

You can create groups in your Wiki space and add users to make it easier and quicker to manage permissions.
By using groups you only need to set permissions for the entire group, rather than for each individual.

To add your own group:

  • Log into UCL Wiki and navigate to your space
  • Click Browse Space  
  • Click Manage Users / Groups
  • Type in the group name in the text field under Add Group
  • Click Submit

To add UCL users to your group:

  • Log into UCL Wiki and navigate to your space
  • Click Browse Space     
  • Click Manage Users / Groups
  • Use the Confluence Directory Search link to the right of the page or enter usernames separated by commas in to the Add User(s) text field
  • Click Submit

What software is required to use the UCL Wiki?

We recommend that you use one of the following Internet Browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox 3+ (PC and Mac)
  • Internet Explorer 7 (PC) (Note that UCL Wiki does not work well with IE8. If you do use IE8 we recommend running it in Compatibility View).

What can I do if a feature doesn't work; if I don't see what I expect?

Try a different browser. For example, editing an Excel spreadsheet in the wiki works in IE, but Firefox opens the spreadsheet in read-only mode.

Firefox will display page tree navigation correctly in the left pane of the Documentation theme, but neither IE nor Chrome will.

Why can't I log on to UCL Wiki with my UCL user id and password?

Please note: UCL's Computer Security Policy requires that passwords are changed on a regular basis, every 150 days.
Notification of the requirement to change your password is sent to your UCL email address before it is automatically reset.

If your password is not changed it is automatically reset. You will need to go to the ISD Servicedesk with a valid UCL ID card to collect a new password.
Please note that passwords CANNOT be given out over the phone, unless you have previously registered details using the IS User Authentication System.
For more information, look on the web at: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/isd/common/registration/passwords/faq/forgotten_password
Once you have renewed your password we strongly encourage you to register for the User Authentication Service
that allows you to be identified and new passwords issued over the telephone. https://myaccount.ucl.ac.uk/uas-register/
Please send all enquiries and replies to the ISD Servicedesk

Why do I receive emails whenever something is updated?

'Auto Watch' is switched on by default, if you wish to switch this setting off for your account:

  1. Go to the drop down menu under your name (under the UCL logo in the top right of the screen) and select 'Settings'.
  2. On the Settings tab click 'Email' in the menu to the left.
  3. Click [Edit] at the bottom of the page.
  4. Uncheck 'Autowatch' and click [Submit].

You will no longer have posts that you create, edit or comment on automatically watched.

How do I stop watching specific pages?

If you don't want to receive an email for every change that is made by other people you need to stop watching pages -
you can also switch off this automatically being enabled whenever you create a new page or edit an existing page by following the instructions above.

  1. On the page you want to stop watching click on Tools > Stop watching.


  1. Go to the drop down menu under your name (under the UCL logo in the top right of the screen) and select 'Watches'. 
  2. Click on the envelope to the right of the screen to 'stop watching this page' alongside each page. The item will disappear from the list.

I can't see my wiki space on the list. Where is it?

You need to log in to see some wikis spaces. Spaces, when they are first created, are not visible to anyone but the owner - after that the owner controls who can see the wiki space.

How do I edit a Wiki page?

Please see: How do I edit a Wiki page?

How can I make my Favourite pages and spaces easier to find?

To add a page:

First, log in and navigate to the page you want to add to your list of favourites. Click Tools > Favourite to the right of the wiki page.
The star will turn yellow when the page is in your favourites. To remove it  click Favourites again and the star will turn grey.
When you return to the UCL Wiki homepage (Dashboard), your favourite pages will appear at the bottom of the right column.
Note that only 10 favourites appear on the dashboard.

To add a Space:

First, log in. Navigate to the space and click Browse > Advanced. Click Add Space to Favourites until the star turns yellow.
To remove the space from your favourites click the link again so the star turns grey.
Your favourite spaces appear to the bottom, left of the UCL Wiki homepage (Dashboard). To display the rest you need to click the link to your favourites list.

Are wiki spaces moderated or monitored?

Each wiki space is monitored and/or moderated by its own Space Administrator. If you encounter inappropriate content in a space please Report a page.
As stated in the UCL Wiki Service Definition, Information Systems monitor how permissions are set on each wiki space (who can edit what) and how much disk space is taken by each wiki spaces.

Can I simply turn on the Anonymous page editing permission?

Technically speaking yes, but it would be against our policy (see UCL Wiki Service Definition), and will be automatically turned off overnight.


How do I embed a YouTube video into my page?

See How do I edit a Wiki page for the steps to do this.

Why does the page say 'This page has insecure content'?

Because the wiki page is secure (uses https) any embedded content like YouTube videos and images from external websites that don't come from a https address will show this warning.

Large websites like youtube will provide a https version of their videos, so the page editor can try to reinsert the video link in the page by adding the widget again.

How do I move a wiki page if I create it in the wrong place?

To move a Wiki page to another space (or location within the same space) follow the instructions at:

To reorganise your wiki pages within the same space you can drag and drop them into the order you desire using the following instructions:


How do I stop receiving so email alerts from UCL Wiki?

You will receive email alerts when you are watching a wiki page or space or if you are subscribed to receive daily updates to all spaces you can see.

To stop watching a particular page or space:

  • Log in to the UCL Wiki
  • Click on Preferences in the top, right of the page
  • Click on the Watches tab
  • Click on the envelope to the right of each wiki page or space you want to stop watching

Note: The space name will appear in brackets after each page watch.

Make sure you are not subscribed to daily updates for all spaces you can see by checking your email preference:

  • Log in to the UCL Wiki
  • Click on Preferences in the top, right of the page
  • Click the Edit Profile tab and clicking on Email and making sure the top checkbox 'Subscribe to daily updates' is NOT checked.

Can I add events to the wiki (using the Blog feature)?

No, the Blog feature does not allow you to choose a date in the future, you can only choose a date in the past.
Neither can you change the date of an existing blog item. Therefore, it is not a suitable tool for adding events to the wiki. 

At this stage, it is recommended you store events in an external calendar system and link to it from the UCL Wiki.

What other plugins are installed? How do I get a new plugin installed?

A list of installed plugins in listed on the Wiki Plugins page. Please contact Wiki Support if you would like a plugin considered for the live service.

Where can I find out more about Confluence Wiki?

Read the Guide to the UCL Wiki or find out more about Confluence Wiki on the official Confluence Documentation website.

1 Comment

  1. I'd like to add a customised wiki-group to grant view permissions to one of my personal spaces. Following the instructions in the FAQ:click Browse, Manage Users/Groups gives me this error:

    (minus) You are not allowed to administer groups/users in this space

    Although I just created this page. How can I

    1. create a customised group

    2. grant read permission for the group members?