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A full list of all available plugins can be found on Atlassian's web site at http://confluence.atlassian.com/display/CONFEXT/Home

To request a plugin please contact Wiki Support.

Plugins added at UCL:

Custom Space User Management Plugin

Allows space administrators to create and manage groups of users who can access their space

Composition Plugin

Macros including "cloaking", which lets users toggle sections of a page

Global Stats Plugin

Provides the site administrator with statistics about the whole site

Excel Plugin

Macro to display an attached Excel spreadsheet as a table

Group Signup Plugin

Allow users to join a specific group by quoting a password

Content Formatting Macros

A collection of macros designed for easy content formatting

Label Tools Plugin

Fix the set of labels that can be assigned to a page

Visibility Plugin

Provide the {hide-from} and {show-to} macros, which can be used to control who can see sections of a page

Linking Plugin

Includes a macro to link to pages with a particular function, such as the login page

Metadata 2 Plugin

Enable metadata to be attached to pages or whole spaces.
Warning: The {space-hierarchy} macro caused Java problems when tested on the test Confluence server

Office Connector

The Office Connector plugin can be used to:
    * Import a Word document as a wiki page
    * Embed a Word or Excel document in a wiki page
    * Edit a wiki page using Word

Full list of all installed plugins

Adaptavist Content Formatting Macros

Advanced Macros

Attachment Extractors

Basic Macros


Chart Plugin

Code Macro

Composition Plugin

Confluence Atlassian Plugin Repository

Confluence Attachments Plugin

Confluence Contributors Plugin

Confluence Remote

Confluence Usage Stats

Custom Space User Management Plugin

Dashboard Macros

Dynamic Task List Macros

Excel Plugin

French language pack

German language pack

Global Statistics Plugin

Group Signup

IM Presence NG Plugin

Information Macros

JIRA Macros

Label Tools Plugin

Layout Macros

Linking Plugin

Live Search Macros

Metadata Plugin

Social Bookmarking Plugin
9 of 10 modules enabled

Table of Contents Plugin

Tabular Metadata

Task List Macros

TinyMCE Editor Plugin

User Listener
1 of 2 modules enabled

Visibility Plugin

WebDAV Plugin

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