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Real-Time Weather Data from USDOE

Description: Hourly weather data from stations across the world is continuously collected and stored into a local database. The data is available through this web interface. Most stations have information for dry bulb temperature, dew point temperature, wind speed/direction, atmospheric pressure, visibility, cloud conditions, and precipitation type.
Link: http://apps1.eere.energy.gov/buildings/energyplus/weatherdata_download.cfm

Canadian Weather Data

Canadian TMY, 12 locations, derived from Canadian Government data
Link: http://doe2.com/Download/Weather/CTMY/

CTMY, updated 40 location version, derived from Canadian Government data
Link: http://doe2.com/Download/Weather/CTMY2/

 International Sources

Link: http://doe2.com/Download/Weather/NON-US/

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