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  1. On the Build page, click on Constructs.

  2. Decide on the position of where to situate the condition. It can either be at the level of a previously created Sequence, Condition or Loop.

  3. If the loop is within a sequence or loop, click the white + sign in the blue square, at the correct parent level

  4. If the loop is within a condition, then click the white + sign in the blue square, either in the ‘True’ branch or in the ‘False’ branch, as indicated on the light blue bar within the condition.

  5. Alternatively, click on the nearest the white + sign in the blue square, and then once created, move the loop to the correct position through drag and drop.

  6. A Construct Type option box will appear. Click Loop to add a loop.

  7. Add a label for your question in the Label field. See Construct a Label for more details.

  8. In the Variable field add the loop variable. This will usually be a name related to the subject of the loop question, for example ‘hospital stay’.

  9. In the Start Value field add the start value, for example ‘1’.

  10. (Optional) In the End Value field add the end value if there is one. This will be the number of times that the respondent is required to answer the question, for example ‘5’ for five hospital stays.

  11. (Optional) In the Loop While field add the loop logic if there is any.

  12. Click Save to save your new loop. Once it appears on the page, you can drag and drop it to other places in the questionnaire if needed.

  13. Repeat as required.

  14. You can view your new loop in the View screen. Select the prefix of your questionnaire in the breadcrumb at the top of the page. This is useful for reviewing the entry.

  15. Return to the Build screen by selecting the option from the breadcrumb.

  16. To delete a construct you will need to click on the label and select Delete from the options provided on the right hand side of the page. You may need to refresh the page for the construct to disappear.

Note: There is currently a bug with dragging questions into loop placeholders. To get round this, you need to create a random question in the relevant branch by clicking on  the white + sign in the blue square on the right hand side. Once the question appears, you can then proceed to drag the question into the placeholder. You can then delete the random question.


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