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SweepIn CLOSER DiscoveryNot in CLOSER Discovery

Food and Things

Reading and Singing

Year 11 Questionnaire for Young People

You and Your Friends

Growing and Changing 5 Boy/Girl

Growing and Changing 6 Boy/Girl

Growing and Changing 7 Boy/Girl

Growing and Changing 8 Boy/Girl

Growing and Changing 9 Boy/Girl

My Teenage Son/Daughter

Wellbeing of My Teenage Son/Daughter

Year 11 Questionnaire for Parents and Carers

Life of a 16+ Teenager

Boys/Girls Experience, Thoughts and Behaviour



Internet Use

Life of a Teenager

Partner - Adult Learning

Questionnaire for Maths Teacher 2002/3

Questionnaire for Maths Teacher 2004/5

Traveling, Leisure and School

You and Your Life

Your Changing Life

Your Son/Daughter 16+ Years On

Adult Learning

British Cohort Study 1970

SweepIn CLOSER DiscoveryNot in CLOSER Discovery
Age 16 (1986)

Educational Questionnaire

Friends and the Outside World

Family Follow-up Form

Home and All That

Health Related Behaviour

Life and Leisure

Maternal Self-completion

Parental interview Form

Student Self-completion

Head Teacher Questionnaire

Medical Exam

Moving on

Dietary Diary


Leisure and Activity Diary

Student Test

National Child Development Study

SweepIn CLOSER DiscoveryNot in CLOSER Discovery
Age 16 (1974)

NCDS3 Audiogram

NCDS3 Educational Questionnaire

NCDS3 Individual Questionnaire

NCDS3 Medical Questionnaire

NCDS3 Parental Questionnaire

National Survey of Health and Development

SweepIn CLOSER DiscoveryNot in CLOSER Discovery
1959 (aged 13 years)

Children's Questionnaire

Teacher's Questionnaire

1961 (aged 15 years)

Examination by the School Doctor

Questionnaire for Headmasters and Headmistresses of Schools Attended by Survey Children

Final Interview with Mother

Teacher's Questionnaire

Survey of Mental Ability and Scholastic Attainment

1962 (aged 16 years)

College Questionnaire

Student's Questionnaire

Pupil's Questionnaire

Local Education Authority Questionnaire

Personal Questionnaire

School Questionnaire

Interview Questionnaire

1963 (aged 17 years)

College Questionnaire

Employment and Training Study (Control Group)

School and College Questionnaire

Follow-up of 1963 School Leavers

1964 (aged 18 years)

College Questionnaire

School and College Questionnaire

University Questionnaire

Youth Employment Office's Second Follow-up

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