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This is a list of the current known issues with Archivist. If you experience an issue which is not on this list, please email Hayley Mills.

ProcessIssueInterim SolutionDate of last update
Entering InstrumentsCategories in code lists, and min and max values in response domains disappear from Build view.

Refresh the code list page (before editing).

Unable to drag and drop a construct inside a new condition. Create a temporary construct within the condition, then drag and drop the correct construct inside. Delete the temporary construct.
Difficulties changing response domains attached to questions.

Items: Delete all response domains, save and then attach the correct response domain.

Grids: Delete the response domain(s) and change the axis which the response domain(s) is linked to, to another code list and save.

Re-edit the page and change the axis to the correct code list and attach the correct response domain.

This is temperamental, try different combinations of this process until it saves correctly.

Questions summary page not updating when; interviewee, qi/qg labels, or mapping between qc and qi/qg are changed.Hayley can provided an updated list if needed.
When creating a new construct the label is already completed.Click the plus and select the construct again. The new side panel including the label should now be empty.
When creating a new question and the question item is not in the drop down list.Refresh the construct page.
When removing/moving a category in a code list they re-order.Once you have removed a category then save the code list for the list to save in the correct order. Do this before removing another category.
Code list cardinality min and max values reverting to 1:1.After saving a code list which has had the cardinality edited, double check that this has saved correctly. If not, edit, correct and save again.
When adding a response domain which has just been created, it may not appear in the list immediately.Refresh the question page.


After a code list is relabeled it appears like it is no longer being used (no count in the list).Refresh the code list page and the correct count should reappear. 


When editing a construct for the second time (without refreshing) it will not save.Refresh between changes.


Questions disappearing in the construct and doc view but still exist as you cannot recreate them due to the constraints for unique labels. After making the edits to the constructs make a 'move' e.g. click in the space of the first construct. This should prevent constructs disappearing. If the constructs do not reappear after several refreshes please email (or send a slack message to) Hayley and Charles.


Not possible to re-order code list categories and save in the new order.


Mapping Instruments/DatasetsVariables cannot be mapped to grid question cells manually.Variables can be mapped to question grid cells using the qvmapping.txt file, but currently these will only be displayed as mapped to the gird as a whole.
Derived variables can not be mapped manually.Derived variables can be mapped to question grid cells using the dv.txt file.


Mapping variables and topics to questions using the instrument Map page is still under development.Mappings can be made through the dataset view and via .txt files.
Occasionally mappings which have been applied via the dataset view may not appear in the instrument view.Mappings can be made through the dataset view and via .txt files.


Difficulties in removing/changing mapped topics, as drop down menu not appearing.-


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