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A Construct is a type of element that has a position. It is where the flow of the questionnaire is added. Within Archivist and DDI these elements are grouped into types; Sequences, Loops, Conditions, Statements and Questions which are all referred to as constructs. The key feature of a construct is that it positions an element within the questionnaire in Archivist. Sequences, loops, conditions and statements are all created and positioned at the same time, whereas questions (items and grids) are created first and then are positioned in the questionnaire using a question construct.

Summary tables for each construct are available in Archivist and provide details of all constructs in the questionnaire for the type selected. For example, the condition summary table provides details of the condition literal, logic and label. These summary tables can be used to verify the questionnaire.

Note: Currently the Questions summary page does not update if any changes are made.

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