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Used for:

Generating metadata for data sets


Available to purchase via Metadata Technology North America

Sledgehammer is a flexible piece of software that can run over datasets in a variety of formats and produce DDI Lifecycle compliant metadata. Its flexibility in terms of formats and operating systems was of benefit it to the project. The studies involved each have different IT arrangements and software preferences, so this was an important feature. Sledgehammer can be run programmatically across a large number of data sets at once, making it very efficient.

The CLOSER project has made use of Sledgehammer to generate metadata for data. This off the shelf software has a large number of formats covered, including all three major operating systems. It generates DDI Lifecycle compliant metadata from the data files themselves, including:

  • Variable name
  • Variable label (descriptor)
  • Summary statistics
    • Frequency
    • Valid and invalid
    • Mean and mode
    • Standard deviation

These are the only items in the platform. The original data sets are held and processed by the host study to ensure data protection requirements are met. 

Once Sledgehammer has been run on a dataset, in order to make the output compatible with Colectica, DDI-Flavour must be run.


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