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  1. On the Build page, click on Response Domains.

  2. Select Add new + and a new response domain entry screen will appear.

  3. Add a label for your response domain in the Label field. See response domains; Text Answers, Numeric Answers and Date and Time Answers for common labels. Labels need to be unique. If a duplicate is created then this will result in the duplicated questions labels being suffixed with '_dup'. 

  4. Choose the response domain’s Type from the drop down menu.

  5. Additional input fields appear after selecting the type for the response domain. The fields available for input are dependent on the type of response domain being input.
         a. If entering a Datetime, choose the Datetime type from the list. If you select a Datetime type of Duration, then the Format should be entered in most cases.
         b. If entering a Numeric, choose the Numeric type from the list. Once selected the min and max numeric length should be entered. If there is no max then leave this blank.
         c. If entering a Text, then enter the max character length. If there is no max length then leave this blank.

  6. Click Save to save your new response domain. It will now appear in the left hand list with any other response domains and can be used when entering a question.

  7. Return to the Build screen by selecting the option from the breadcrumb.

Note: Saved response domains are shown in the alphabetical order of their label name, not the order in which they were created. The different types of response domains are in the list and at present cannot be filtered so the list shows only one type of response domain.

Note: If you return to the numeric response domain created and there are no min and max values, then refresh the page before clicking edit for the values to reappear.

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