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This is a wiki used by the London Pharmacometrics Interest Group (LPIG).  We are a group of researchers who use nonlinear mixed effects (NLME) to fit models to data (usually) from patients.  Typically we are interested in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics but also have wider interests in NLME application and theory. 

The group currently meets most Monday Lunchtimes from 1-2pm, in the UCL Institute of Child Health.

Click on the links on the left to access slides from past meetings, useful websites and other resources.






8/1/18PUW 4planning meeting
15/1/18PUW 4
Posaconazole study protocol
22/1/18PUW 4FrankVancomycin PKPD
29/1/18PUW 4DaganResults from ABDose
5/2/18PUW 4ShanSalbutamol PKPD
12/2/18PUW 4DionnaCoMPLEX mini project
19/2/18PUW 3

26/2/18PUW 3BernTB-PRACTECAL trial PK-PD study design
5/3/18Levinski 12:00 startAyeshaRituximab PKPD
12/3/18PUW 3BenStatistical Challenges in T Cell Receptor Repertoire Immunophenotyping
19/3/18PUW 3JoePosaconazole PK
26/3/18PUW 1WatyMachine learning approaches
9/4/18PUW 3

16/4/18PUW 3planning meeting
23/4/18PUW 3no meeting ECCMID
30/4/18PUW 3JigAnticoagulant PKPD in haemodialysis
14/5/18PUW 3FrankModelling progress in TB
21/5/18PUW 3no meeting PK course
4/6/18PUW 3MaddliePhD introduction: PKPD modelling of sedative and analgesic effects
11/6/18PUW 3JuliePAGE review
18/6/18PUW 3ShanPsoriasis PKPD modelling
25/6/18PUW 3Oleg VolkovOptimal design in PKPD
2/7/18PUW 3BenCMV modelling
9/7/18PUW 3JulieModel-based bioequivalence

* PUW1: Seminar Room 1, Philip Ullman Wing, Institute of Child Health

* LGSR: Lower ground seminar room, Institute of Child Health

* WCJ: Room J, Wolfson Centre

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