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This is a wiki used by the London Pharmacometrics Interest Group (LPIG).  We are a group of researchers who use nonlinear mixed effects (NLME) to fit models to data (usually) from patients.  Typically we are interested in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics but also have wider interests in NLME application and theory. 

The group currently meets most Monday Lunchtimes from 1-2pm, in the UCL Institute of Child Health.

Click on the links on the left to access slides from past meetings, useful websites and other resources.


Bayesian TDM





6/1/20PUW2Planning meeting
13/1/20PUW1CharlottePhD summary
20/1/20PUW1FerranUpgrade practice
27/1/20PUW1JoeRmarkdown reporting/EHR trials
3/2/20PUW1SoumyaUpgrade practice
10/2/20PUW1MaddlieCloSed PKPD

24/2/20PUW1NadhiaPK of antimicrobials during CPB

9/3/20PUW4JoeSalbutamol PKPD
16/3/20PUW1JudeTacrolimus PKPD in renal transplant
23/3/20PUW1FrankMRC interview practice
20/4/20microsoft teamsSimon, Florencia, JuanitaRespiratory virus review
27/4/20microsoft teamsFrankHF TB modelling
11/5/20microsoft teamsOleg
The emerging modelling of dose-response in vaccine development
18/5/20microsoft teams

1/6/20microsoft teamsFrancesca Gavins
Digital Biopharmaceutics
8/6/20microsoft teamsRiyanNLP for extracting PK demographics
15/6/20microsoft teams

22/6/20microsoft teamsMaddlieCloSed update
29/6/20microsoft teamsSoumyaB cell model update
6/7/20microsoft teams

13/7/20microsoft teams

* PUW1: Seminar Room 1, Philip Ullman Wing, Institute of Child Health

* LGSR: Lower ground seminar room, Institute of Child Health

* WCJ: Room J, Wolfson Centre

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