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UCL has many career training opportunities for ECS to attend.  A full list can be found Here..  http://www.ucl.ac.uk/hr/osd/

When booking courses use the cost code CE016Q0.  the department will be charged £50 form non attendance..

In the past CWD has found some amazing opportunities off the list by going to UCL Advances http://www.ucl.ac.uk/Advances for their courses, these all count towards your x number of days of training requirement. 

Relevant Courses

An Introduction to Research Student Supervision at UCL - Mandatory course for people who wish to supervise of co-supervise students at UCL. Form to fill in is here.


New lecturers are expected to enrole for the teachging quallification run by the Inst. Education.


Some Other Interesting Courses

Education on Stage: 

Really showed me how to engage an audience, telling a story with your hands how to exaggerate your emphasis and direct your concentration into your audience. CWD

23-4-13 The guy who runs this course is back in the UK.  It really is a very good course to do if you can get onto it.

Communicating Science to Business:   

This was a course with a range of different modules, run through UCL Advances. I got on the course through the Robbers Agenda.  Two parts really stand out in my memory

-How to become a confident and efficient networker:

Fantastic course taken by a lady who knows how to teach.  Everyone no matter how confident has that uncertainty of how to break into a conversation at conferences with total strangers. This course outlines really practical skills of reading the body language so you know when it is appropriate to interrupt, tips on how to enter, how to leave and what to do with the guy who just won’t leave you alone but has nothing of interest to say….  (Often that is me!!) Other gems of insight include how you should answer the classic question of “So, what do you do?” CWD

- Presentation skills.   

I think the most amazing part of this course was the fact that I was the only person who made it on the day so we ditched the schedule and tailored it totally to my needs.  The guy running it was fantastic and really interesting.. He made complete sense telling me how “All” academics do their talks and how they all fall into pitfalls where the audience falls asleep.  I got so much really useful advice out of this course that it would take me pages and pages to outline it all.. And it would give away many of my presentation secrets…   CWD

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