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Job hunt from the comfort of your own home with ChemCareers 2011, where the careers fair is brought to you. 

Whether you are researching employers to help shape your future career options, looking to take that step into your first job or wanting to ensure your skills are up to date then ChemCareers will have something for you. 

Each day of the fair focuses on a specific theme with webinars, live chat sessions and presentations each day. Throughout the event you will also be able to watch video profiles of different career paths and search the Chemistry World jobs board.

Monday 31 October                                             - Careers in chemistry - find out what options are open to you

Tuesday 1 November                                           - International Day and how to get that job overseasWednesday

2 November                                                          - Stepping away from the bench

Thursday 3 November                                        - PhD's what next? 

4th November                                                      - Career changes - move into your ideal career

 Visit our website to view the full event programme.

Registration to the event is free, all you need to do is join MyRSC. We look forward to your participation in ChemCareers 2011.

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