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Adding things to the wiki is really simple.

You need to login using the top right "login" 

  • Only Chemistry Staff can access the closed part of the site or add / edit pages.
  • If you are not Chemistry Staff, then log in once and email me with your username associated with your wiki profile. This is located in the drop down menu on the top right where your name is, and created on your fist login.  I can then add you to the special list of users.
  • You may want to update your profile page for the wiki system it'self and link your few lines in the user profiles to it.
  •  Anyone logged in has access to "Edit " any page or create a new page.


  • On the page you wish to edit, press edit on the top right.  This will only be available if you ave logged in.  
  • Edit the page in real text and press save. 
  • In general text is in "paragraph"  format with headings either "Heading 2" or "3" depending on whether there is a line under the heading. 
  • Top line of the page is Heading 2 so that tehre is a line between the header and the page.


  • First decide on the access. Closed or Open.
  • Open access can be seen by anyone in the world, though they will need to find the wiki.
  • Closed access needs a UCL chemistry staff username or for your user name to be registered on the list.
  • Closed access page is available by clicking on the chemicals at the top of the wiki.
  • Add a page, either from a parent page or from one of the two main pages "Open access" or "Closed access" .  
  • Title the page.
  • Edit the page as above press save.
  • Open and closed access can be changed at any time by editing the page and changing the parent page at the bottom in the location field.
  • You will then need to edit the main page to link your new page into the site.

Please don't delete or interfere with other peoples posts in any way other than tidying up typos... But do share as much as possible in the wiki so that it is a fantastic and large resource for all.  I'm working on a way of allowing old users access to the closed site after they have officially left the uni.

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