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Devis Di Tommaso

I have just started a Royal Society Industry Fellowship between Chemistry UCL and AstraZeneca. Before that, I was a postdoc in Nora de Leeuw group.

My research interests are in the simulation of crystal nucleation, metals in solution, as well as homogeneous catalysis.

Email: uccaddi@ucl.ac.uk

Jamie Christie

I'm a postdoc working for Antonio Tilocca.  I work on simulations of amorphous materials, especially those of biomedical interest.

I also spent some of 2011 working at the Government Office for Science, funded by a UCL Enterprise Secondment. 

Email: jamieson.christie@ucl.ac.uk

Charlie Dunnill 

I am a Ramsay Fellow who also works for Ivan Parkin. I help out with running the Quartzy database, teach third year core inorganic chemistry first year inorganic labs and try and publish as many papers as I can. 



Ext: 25814

Office 318

Academic Interests:
  • Self-Cleaning Photocatalysts 
  • Antimicrobial Surfaces for Healthcare
  • Hydrogen Production and Processing
Extra Curricular Activities:

Helen Grounds

I'm the organic section lab manager working for Jim Anderson.

Email: h.grounds@ucl.ac.uk

Andy Kerridge

I am an EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellow, Grant EP/J002208/1 - 'Theoretical studies of actinide complexation with macrocyclic ligands: identifying synthetic targets and real-world applications'

  • a.kerridge@ucl.ac.uk
Research Interests:
  • Relativistic quantum chemistry
  • Fundamental f-element chemistry
  • Topological analysis of molecular systems
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