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墓, 幕, and 慕

The grass radical, 艹, 日 rì sun and 大 dà 'big' together mean 'cover' and all three of these characters are pronounced mù.

So 墓 mù is 'grave (cover with 土 tǔ 'earth')'.

Cover + 巾 jīn 'cloth' = 幕 mù 'curtain, act (of a play)'

And apparently covering what is in one's 心 xīn 'heart' means 慕 mù 'admire'.

Common words using these characters are:

墓地 mùdì 'graveyard'
第一幕 dì-yīmù 'the first act (of a play)'
开幕式 kāimùshì 'opening ceremony'
羡慕 xiànmù 'admire'

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