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喿 is rare on its own.


It does occur with 火 huǒ 'fire' in 燥 zào 'dry':

Common word: 干燥 gānzào 'to dry'

And 口 kǒu 'mouth' in 噪 zào 'noise':

Does this character have the greatest number of mouths (4!)?

Common word: 噪音 zàoyīn 'noise'

And 澡 zǎo 'wash' in:

Common word: xǐzǎo 'have a shower'

Add 足 zú 'foot' and you get 躁 zào 'impatient'.

Common word: 烦躁 fánzào 'restless'

Add 手 shǒu 'hand' and you get 操 cāo 'operate'.

Common word: 体操 tǐcāo 'gymnastics'

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