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中 Zhōng is 'middle'

Common words: 中国 Zhōngguó 'Middle Kingdom, China', 中心 zhōngxīn 'centre'

钟 Zhōng 'bell'

It has the simplified form of 金 jīn 'metal' on the left to remind us about what clocks are made of:

Example: 三点钟 sān diǎn zhōng '3 o'clock'
The traditional character is: 鐘

种 Zhǒng is 'sort'

The element on the left is 'rice' and has a similar meaning to 米 mǐ '(uncooked) rice'.
The traditional character has 重 zhòng 'heavy' on the right: 種
Common words: 种类 zhǒnglèi 'sort', 这种 zhè zhǒng 'this sort'

This character is also read zhòng 'to plant'.

Imagine an arrow going through the middle of an apple:



Unfortunately this clock is stuck on 6:30, but at least it reminds us of the shape of the character.
The traditional character has 童 tóng 'child' on the right: 鐘

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