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Notes for English speakers
Notes for Chinese speakers

Mr Smith's trip to China

Other conversations

宴会规矩 Yànhuì guīju 'Etiquette at formal meals' 2

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Page: Losing a wallet Page: Yanhui guiju Page: Taking a taxi Page: Taking a bus in Beijing Page: Checking into a hotel Page: Taking pictures Page: Buying a ticket for the train Page: Sending postcards Page: Exchanging business cards Page: Checking out of a hotel Page: Ringing someone who is not in Page: Sending a parcel at the post office Page: Ordering a coffee in a cafe Page: Hobbies Page: Ordering dinner in a restaurant Page: Setting up a meeting by telephone Page: Introducing yourself Page: Talking about a mutual acquaintance Page: Festivals Page: You speak such good Chinese Page: Arriving at Beijing International Airport Page: Two friends bump in to each other Page: Two colleagues drink tea together Page: Confirming an appointment by telephone Page: Changing the time of an appointment by telephone Page: Explaining what your organization does Page: Arriving at a company reception for a meeting Page: Registering for a conference Page: Farewell party Page: Changing the time of a meeting Page: A visit to the dentist Page: Taking the subway to the Summer Palace Page: Asking the way Page: Visiting the Forbidden City Page: Giving a presentation at a business meeting Page: Dinner in London Page: A visit to the doctor Page: Goodbye Page: Hanzi Page: Visiting a museum Page: Visiting the Temple of Heaven Page: The Chinese education system Page: A tour of UCL Page: Notes for English speakers Page: Notes for Chinese speakers Page: Getting a place at a language school Page: Religion in China Page: I'd like to visit the Great Wall Page: Talking about the weather Page: A visit to London Zoo Page: The homestay Page: Recording logistics