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You can get a good idea of what you could do by looking at what other members of the team are doing on the Who looks after this site page.

  1. Some people provide examples of Mandarin sentences. There is a list of grammatical features which still need examples here.
  2. Some people provide short Mandarin texts.
  3. Some people write conversations in Mandarin.
    These activities are optionally with Pinyin and an English translation.
  4. Some people provide artwork (paintings for publicity and cartoons for demonstrating sentences or illustrating texts)
  5. Some people provide photographs.
  6. Some people proofread the examples, texts and conversations. (This all has to be done before anything is recorded.)

What else would we like to have?

Well, anything really that promotes the site's aim of promoting good relations between UCL and the English-speaking world and the Chinese-speaking world.

  1. We are keen to provide a platform for UCL Mandarin-speaking alumni.
  2. We would like to publicise London-centred Chinese events.
  3. We are looking for voices to record the conversations.
  4. We are looking for actors to act the conversations and people to video them.
  5. We would like to build up the dictionary. This involves finding a word in a text or conversation and then putting it in the dictionary with examples as necessary. (It's very good for your Chinese!)
  6. We would like to build up the Three a Day resource for learning Chinese characters. This involves writing characters on this list and creating JPEGs.
  7. Most examples, texts and conversations have been in Simplified Chinese (简体字) so far, but we accept Traditional Chinese (正體字) and would like to grow this aspect of the wiki.
  8. The materials have been proofread a couple of times, but more proofreading would not be bad. The Pinyin versions of the materials require attention, especially which syllables are to be pronounced with no tone.
  9. We are short of very simple conversations; the simplest ones currently on the list are still rated 1-2.
  10. There's probably a whole lot of stuff that would be good and isn't listed here. Suggest something, and we will probably say yes!

There is further information on some aspects of what needs to be done on the What needs to be done page.

If you would like to get involved, just send Chris Dillon an e-mail.

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