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List of work needing to be done on the grammar

Now that Bridge to China is a large corpus, you will find you can find examples of many of these points somewhere just by searching in the box on this page top right.

Three examples each of exclamations and interjections e.g. 啊,哦,哎,哎哟,嗯,唔,嗨 and 咳

These are typically used at the beginning of a sentence.

Examples of sentence final particles

e.g. 的,啊,哦, 啊,咯,哈,呗 etc.

Build up the dictionary.

Start collecting Chinese jokes for a new section


Which words does 们 attach to?

Ten examples of 面 and 边

e.g. 上面,前面,里面,这边,右边,旁边

Individual words

Five examples of 刚 'have just ...ed'

Five examples of 麻烦

Five examples of 打扰

Five examples of 差不多

Five examples of 随便

Three examples of 随意

Three examples of 随时

Three examples of 这样

Three examples of 自己

Five examples of 幸亏 'fortunately'

Five examples of 尤其 'especially'

Three examples of 怪不得 'no wonder'

Three examples of 原来

Three examples of 本来

Three examples of 厉害

Three examples of 任何

Three examples of 倒是 'contrary to what might be expected'

Five examples of 祝你 'I wish you ...'

Five examples of 要不 'how about'

Five examples of 一下 'have a, just'

Five examples of 不错

Five examples of 费劲儿

Three examples of 放弃

Three examples of 失望

Three examples of 绝望

Three examples of 失败

Three examples of 在某种程度上

Three examples of 对...感兴趣

Three examples of 对...有感情

Three examples of 对...有痴迷

Explain measure words: 种,口,餐,根,届,颗,股,尊,圈

Examples of various language patterns

Five examples of 边 Verb 边 Verb 'do Verb whilst doing Verb'

Five examples of reduplicated single syllable adjectives e.g. 好好

What meaning does reduplication add?

Explain 福倒了 and 福到了

Explain the difference between 一会儿,回头 and 然后

Five examples each of resultative complements Verb好, Verb到 and Verb满:

e.g. 办好,填好,系好 and 开到,遇到,拿到,打到,坐满,开满

Three examples each of potential complements 说不准,顾不上,伤不起 and (拿)得动

Five examples each of Verb下来 'until now' and Verb下去 ‘into the future’

Grammar work which has been done

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