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How to get the best out of the conversations

  • Eventually the conversations will be marked 1 for beginner, 2 for intermediate (natural conversation on a simple topic, 3 for advanced (natural conversation with some difficult vocabulary) and 4 for specialist (natural conversation with vocabulary in a specialist area). Work through the conversations marked 1-2 first.
  • Start by making sure you know all the vocabulary in the Vocab and notes section for the conversation.
  • Make sure you understand the grammar of each sentence using the grammar notes in the Vocab and notes section and the main Bridge to China grammatical section. If something is not adequately explained, you will probably be able to find other examples by searching in the Search Confluence box, top right, or get in touch.
  • Practice so that you can say the sentences at a good speed, paying particular attention to syllables in Tone 3.
  • If possible, get a Mandarin native speaker to play one role as you play the other.
  • Found a mistake? Get in touch.
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