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Personal pronouns


我 wǒ 'I, me'
你 nǐ 'you'
他 tā 'he, him'
她 tā 'she, her'
它 tā 'it'


我们 wǒmen 'we, us'
你们 nǐmen 'you'
他们 tāmen 'they, them'

There is also a polite word for 'you' either singular or plural: 您 nín

咱 zán means 'we, us' specifically including the speaker and the listener.

Note that all these personal pronouns tend to lose their tones when they follow verbs as objects.

Personal Pronouns.mp3

Demonstrative pronouns

I.e. 'this' and 'that', see Demonstrative_Adjectives.

谁都 Shuí dōu 'everybody'

什么都可以 Shénme dōu kěyǐ 'it does not matter what'

我哪儿也不想去。 Wǒ nǎr yě bù xiǎng qù.

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