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China business news. The site is based in California.


Chinese films, music etc.


Chinese movie clip site similar to YouTube.


'Alone among modern languages, Chinese integrates both meaning and pronunciation information in its characters. Zhongwen.com deciphers this rich information to help students understand, appreciate and remember Chinese characters, one of humanity's greatest and most enduring cultural achievements.'

New Tong Wen Tang

This browser add-on is extremely useful as it allows you to switch a page between Traditional and Simplified Chinese so it can be used, for example, to convert a Chinese Wikipedia page into simplified characters. Pages you save will be kept in the writing system you have switched them into. Versions of New Tong Wen Tang exist for Chrome (linked to above), and also Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Perapera Chinese

This is another browser add-on, which gives translations for characters and character combinations as you hover over them. Although Perapera is one of many add-ons that will do this for you, what is different about it is that it permits you to make a list of new characters as you go along; this list can then be exported and saved, for example in Word. Versions are available for Firefox and Chrome. NB By using this add-on on the pages of this wiki you can effectively use Bridge to China to study Chinese in the traditional variant, if that is what you want. (Please note though that this method may not be 100% watertight.)

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