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Interested in teaching/explaining Chinese grammar?

  • We need simple Mandarin conversations and texts. There is a list here: Conversations and texts to be created
  • We need MP3 recordings of the conversations and texts.
  • We need examples of Chinese word usage and language patterns. There is the beginnings of a list at Grammar work to be done.
  • Each word in the conversations, texts and grammar examples needs to be added to the Dictionary.

Interested in teaching/explaining Chinese characters?

  • About 1,000 articles need to be written for Three a Day. (The idea is that if you learn three new characters a day you will know 3,000 characters in three years time.) It is good if the three characters have some sort of relationship to each other (e.g. same radical or phonetic). Characters not yet added


If you would be interested in being involved in any of these activities, email Chris Dillon, Honorary Research Associate, UCL Centre for Digital Humanities.

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