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  • Who looks after this site

The site co-ordinator / space administrator is Chris Dillon.
He also provides grammatical explanations. Email him if you would like to get involved with the site.

Jin Gao worked on learning Chinese characters.

Selina Zhang provided character-explanations, examples and translations.

Binqian Cai contributed more characters and examples (especially measure words) and also conversations.

Reiko Nakazawa painted the pictures (including the ones on this page!).

Ting Zhang contributed lots of sentences and conversations.

This was the happy group that recorded conversations with many parts in July 2014. From the left: Yuan Li, Jin Gao, Tingting Wang, Ji Shi, Chris Dillon and Wayne Zhu.

Wayne Zhu played Mr Song in many conversations and did a lot of proofreading:

Martin Chen is doing lots of proofreading and working on Chinese four-character phrases:

Tingting Wang answered tricky grammatical questions:

Ji Shi plays Mr Smith in many conversations and has done much proofreading:

Yamin Sun is doing a lot of work on Three a Day:

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