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As a student, you may be asked to submit an assignment electronically to Moodle. There are two different assignment types on Moodle: Moodle assignment and Turnitin assignment. The process to upload an assignment is fairly similar for each. This guide explains how to upload an assignment and receive feedback from a Moodle assignment.

Moodle assignments will typically appear on Moodle with a blue file icon as shown:

Depending on how your Tutor or Course Administrator has configured your course, your Moodle assignment may or may not include Turnitin's text-matching report. 

Submitting and receiving feedback from a Moodle Assignment

Follow the guidance Moodle Assignment for submission and feedback.

Need help? Moodle Assignment FAQs.

A note about guidance

General guidance is provided below. However, you should always follow the specific guidance provided by your Tutor or Course Administrator. 

What files can I upload?

Moodle assignments accept most file types include Word Docs, PPTs, PDFs, and computer files (e.g. .py). However, your Tutor or Course Administrator may request a specific format. 

What is the maximum file size?

Depending on the setup of the assignment, up to 160mb is possible. 

How do I know if I have submitted successfully?

On the submission page, the Submission status will read Submitted for grading. You should also see your attached file under File submissions.

I can't find my assignment, what do I do?

Contact your Course Administrator or Tutor.

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