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This guide explains the basics of completing an exam on AssessmentUCL. It should be read alongside the Exams at UCL 2020-21 guide.

Video guide

Step 1: Login to AssessmentUCL

Open the UCL AssessmentUCL URL (Either https://uk.wiseflow.net/ucl or https://europe.wiseflow.net/login/uk/ucl).

Select eduGAIN.

EduGAIN login

Log in with your usual UCL log in details. If you can't remember your UCL username or password, please refer to the MyAccount service.

Single Sign on page

Step 2: Locate your exam

You will see a list of your exams which will be named by module code (In the example pictured below there are two exams, one for DIGI0001 and another for DIGI0002). Please note you may not see your actual exams listed when taking the practice exam, but your exams will appear here before the start of the exam period.

When the exam is ready to commence, the arrow icon will appear green.

Open exams will be listed as open for participation

Step 3: Open your exam

Click on the exam to open it.

Carefully read the exam page, and make note of any additional materials or support links.

Please note:

  • Your examination timetable and the new AssessmentUCL platform specifies whether your exam is a 24-hour open book exam, or a timed exam in a 24-hour period. 
  • If you have been granted exam adjustments such as additional time and/or rest breaks, the duration of your exam will automatically be set to 24 hours. 
  • All times shown on your timetable are in UK time (This will be BST (UTC+1)). The times shown in the AssessmentUCL platform will be your local time, wherever you are based.

Timed Exams

Where an exam has a timed duration (e.g. 2 or 3 hours in a 24-hour window), this will be shown on your exam timetable.

You can start the timed exam at any time during the 24-hour window. The 24 hour window is shown on the exam page by the date range at the top of the page, underneath the exam name. 

The timed duration will also be shown (in the picture below, the duration is 2 hours). Please note the duration shown does not include the 1 hour upload window.  

 You can start a timer for the duration by clicking the Begin flow button.

To start a timed exam you must click the begin flow button

Once the timer is started, there is a countdown, after which your exam paper and the submission area will become visible.

For timed exams, when the duration of your exam has passed (i.e. the timer has run down to 0), you will still have an additional 1 hour to ensure your exam is uploaded and submitted correctly. If you submit during this 1 hour period, Assessment UCL may state your submission is a 'late hand in', however you can ignore this message. Submissions made during this 1 hour upload window will NOT be considered by UCL or your department as late.

If your exam is a 24-hour open book exam, you will automatically see the exam page. Please note there is no additional 1 hour upload time for 24-hour open book exams

The Exam page

An overview of what you can see on the exam page is shown in the image below:

The Exam page will show the deadline for your exam, the exam paper and any additional materials. Lower down the page you will find options to upload and submit.

  1. Time left and the deadline for handing in your paper.
  2. Preview or download the exam and any appendix materials.
  3. Preview or download general and additional material.
  4. View all previously acknowledged direct messages. Please note this feature will not be used in the 2020-21 exams.
  5. Upload your paper, fill out cover sheet and hand in. You must complete these three task to submit your exam successfully.

Step 4: Download your exam paper and any required materials

Download your exam paper and any other required materials including appendix materials, and additional materials.

Step 5: Complete your exam

Where to write your answers

  • Preferably, create a Microsoft Word document and if convenient and feasible type your answers.  If you do not already have Microsoft Word installed on your computer, please refer to the guidance on Microsoft software available for students.
  • If you prefer to hand write/draw some or all your answers on paperthen you will need to scan or photograph your handwritten answers (maybe using your mobile phone) and insert them into your Word document. 
    • You may use Office Lens on your phone to scan/photograph handwritten answers. (See the Office Lens Student Guide for instructions).
  • You will need to convert your answer documents into a single PDF file.
  • In a Word document, you can save it as a PDF as follows:
    • Click on File and select Save As or Export and choose where you want the file to be saved.
    • In the Save As / Publish as PDF or XPS dialog box, choose PDF in the Save as type list.

    • Click on Save / Publish.
  • There's no need to provided your candidate number in the file. AssessmentUCL automatically captures this information when you upload.

The file and the file name should be kept anonymous so don't write your name or student number in either the file or the file name. 

  • Check the file size of your PDF document. It must be less than 200mb to upload to AssessmentUCL. If your file size is greater than 200mb, you may need to reduce the file size of your answer document and then re-convert it to PDF. Advice on how to reduce the file size of a Word document  can be found on the Microsoft Office website.

Step 6: Upload your exam submission as a PDF

AssessmentUCL exams must be submitted as PDF files.

Upload your PDF answer paperusing the Upload button; as shown below. 

Click the upload button to upload your submission. It must be a PDF.

Preview your document to check that you have uploaded the correct file; as shown below. You can also delete an incorrect file and upload the correct one using the 3-line dropdown menu icon. 

Click the preview icon to check you have uploaded the correct file. Click the menu icon to delete your submission.

Step 7: Complete the cover sheet

Complete the cover sheet by stating the:

  • Questions you have attempted. Please separate out parts or sections of your exam on a new line.


Part A - Q1, 2, 3, 4

Part B - Q5

  • Number of pages 
  • Number of words (if handwritten answers enter 0) 

 You will also need to acknowledge a Declaration of Integrity that states you are complying with UCL’s Academic Integrity and Plagiarism regulations. 

Cover sheet

Step 8: Submit your exam paper

Click on the green hand in button to submit. You cannot undo this step in the LIVE exam but you will be able to do so in the practice exam. 

Step 9: Confirm you have submitted successfully

A successful hand in message should appear with the date and time.

Handed in exams will show a display message that says 'Handed in' and shows the date and time of submission.

To keep a record of your submission, click Request receipt to receive an email confirming your submission to your student university email. Ensure you keep a copy of this email as it contains the time and date for the submission and will help us deal with any queries that may arise. 

If you don't receive a receipt, please check your spam folders.

Still have questions?

Please see the student exam FAQs page.

If you need support during your exam, please see the student support page.

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