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Lecturecast is UCL's automated lecture recording system.

If your lecture is recorded you will be able to watch it back after the event, via your Moodle course once the content is released by the Course Administrator/Tutor.

Lecture recordings can only be captured in Lecturecast enabled teaching spaces.

Lecture Recordings are captured at the discretion of your Department and Lecturer.

Please be aware that if you choose to post anonymously in the Question and Answer activity, your post is only anonymous to other students on the course. Tutors and administrators will see your name listed against any Question and Answer activity.

Misuse of the Question and Answer activity falls under the UCL Computer Regulations (Acceptable Use Policy)

When your lecture is being recorded, be aware that audio is only captured from the Lecturer’s lapel microphone and from microphones at the front of the Lecture theatre. The microphones will not record any recognised speech from the seated areas of the teaching space.

Links to relevant lecture recordings will be placed within the appropriate Moodle course by Course Tutors and/or Administrators.

What content is captured/ recorded?

In most instances the content below will be recorded, however these settings are dependent on your Tutor who can choose what is recorded.

  •         Lecturer - a video camera is pointed towards the front of the room at the lecturer
  •         Screen - anything projected e.g. PowerPoint presentations and anything displayed on the projected screen is captured
  •         Audio - audio is recorded by microphone

Example Capture


In the above sample there are four main sections to note:

  1. Video - in this example a video camera is pointed towards the front of the room at the lecturer.
  2. Lecture slides: the lecture slides associated with the class are included. Highlight the slides to access controls to move through the slides.
  3. Player controls: these include the standard play/pause button, fast forward, and rewind (each click moves the playback 10 seconds in either direction.
  4. Interactive features: Take notes, post questions and engage in discussions, bookmark and flag content.

For instructions on how to access and view recordings refer to the Student Guide - Learning the Basics

Student FAQ's

 How do I access recordings made for my course?

To view a recording, you will need to log into Moodle. Every recording is associated with a module code and a specific Moodle course. For example, students enrolled onto ECON1001 will have access the ECON1001 Moodle space and from there click on the relevant link to Lecturecast.

 Why aren’t all my lectures recorded?

Not all teaching spaces are Lecturecast enabled. In addition, lectures are recorded at the discretion of your Tutor.

 How does Lecturecast benefit students?

Students both at UCL and elsewhere have reported a range of benefits including:

  • The ability to revisit complex material to ensure understanding.
  • The opportunity to clarify the use of unusual terminology or subject jargon (this can be especially useful for overseas students).
  • The option to view lectures missed due to illness or unforeseen circumstances.
  • The ability to bookmark specific parts of recordings as an aid to revision.

In every recent UCL survey of students and their use of technology, more use of Lecturecast has been the most frequent request

 Which browser should I use to view Lecturcast content?

Lecturecast recordings should work on most modern browsers. For up to date information on supported browsers please refer to the Lecturecast Online Help: Recommended Browsers

Feedback and Comments

To help us improve the content on these pages, please provide your feedback and comments in the comments section located at the bottom of each page.


Please contact the ISD Service Desk

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