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Data Protection Policy

Our aim is be completely transparent about all aspects of our use of Lecturecast data analytics.

We want you to understand exactly what data is being collected, how it is being processed and what we will be doing with the information.

The Data Analytics - Student Guide provides this guidance, and will be updated as our use of Lecturecast data analytics develops.

This guide sits alongside the UCL Data Protection Policy and the UCL General Student Privacy Notice.

Good Practice Guidelines

Lecture recordings are captured in Lecturecast enabled teaching spaces at the discretion of your Department and Lecturer/Tutor.

If your lecture is recorded, please be aware of the following:

Audio is captured from the Lecturer’s lapel microphone and from microphones at the front of the Lecture theatre.

Questions from the seated areas of the teaching space are often faint in the recording. Your lecturer should repeat or paraphrase the question before answering to ensure that both the question and response are clear in the final recording.

If you post questions anonymously in the Q&A activity, your post is only anonymous to other students on the course. Course Administrators/Tutors can see your name listed against any Q&A activity.
Misuse of the Q&A activity falls under the UCL Computer Regulations (Acceptable Use Policy).

Devices like laser or physical pointers used to highlight areas of a presentation or demonstration are not captured in recordings. You may like to add your own notes to capture what the lecturer is talking about. 

Lecturecast cameras will not effectively record material written on whiteboards. Make sure you capture this information if required.

Recordings may be available for downloading at the discretion of your Department and Lecturer/Tutor.