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 When can I access recordings made for my courses?

You will be able to watch recordings via your Moodle courses once the content has been released by the Course Administrator/Tutor.

 How do I access recordings made for my courses?

To view a recording, you will need to log into Moodle, access your course details and click on the relevant link to Lecturecast.

 What is captured/recorded?

In most instances the content below will be recorded:

  •         The lecturer - a video camera is pointed towards the front of the room at the lecturer
  •         The screen - anything displayed on the projected screen e.g. PowerPoint presentations
  •         Audio - audio is recorded by microphone

 These settings are however dependent on your Lecturer/Tutor, who can choose what is recorded.

 Which browser should I use to view Lecturcast content?

Echo360 is a web-based application that uses a browser to view content and as such has certain browser requirements. Beyond ensuring you're using a supported browser, there are also some configuration settings you may need to check or change to successfully use Echo360 - Safari/MacOS/iOS users especially should read the guidance regarding Safari Recommended Browser Configuration.

 Why aren’t all my lectures recorded?

Not all teaching spaces are Lecturecast enabled. In addition, lectures are recorded at the discretion of your Lecturer/Tutor.

 Why can I not find my modules recordings?

If you are enrolled on a module which you believe has lectures recorded by Lecturecast, but cannot access any recordings, there are several reasons why this may occur:

1)       The lecturer may release the recordings at a later date.

2)       The lecturer may have decided to not schedule being recorded.

3)       You may be in a venue that is not Lecturecast enabled (https://wiki.ucl.ac.uk/display/LecturecastResourceCentre/Lecturecast+Enabled+Teaching+Spaces)

4)       Finally, there may be technical issues which may result in the loss of recordings. However, this is unlikely so if several recordings are missing then it may be due to the reasons above.

If your issue is not resolved, it is best to contact your module coordinator so that they may check the problem. If they cannot resolve the issue, email: servicedesk@ucl.ac.uk

 The recording will not stream, what shall I do?

Firstly, check that the recordings of lectures exist and that your peers are able to see and access them. If it is the case that your peers cannot access the recordings, then inform your lecturer or course coordinator.

This may be because the lecturer has decided to not release the recording immediately. If your peers can see the videos then try accessing them on another device or browser.

 There is no sound on the recording, what shall I do?

Firstly, check if there is a problem with your device.

For windows: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4026994/windows-fix-sound-problems

For Apple devices: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT203186

If the problem is not with your device, inform your lecturer or module coordinator to resolve the issue. 


For more help see Echo's Student How To Videos.

Please contact the ISD Service Desk

020 7679 5000

Ext. 25000 (internal)