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  1. An introduction to Lecturecast at UCL
  2. Accessing Lecturecast content via Moodle
  3. View, make notes, bookmark and flag content
  4. Navigating back to the Moodle course page

1. An introduction to Lecturecast at UCL

Lecturecast is UCL's automated lecture recording system. If your lectures are being recorded then you will be able to watch them back after the event via the associated Moodle course.

Links to recordings (captures) are placed on the relevant Moodle course by Course Tutors or Administrators.

2. Accessing Lecturecast content via Moodle

In this example, the introduction to Economics course will be used.

Click on 'ECON1001: Introduction to Economics' to access the Moodle course content.

2.1 Open the relevant Lecturecast content

Click the relevant Lecturecast link. The name of this link will vary from course to course.
Ask your Tutor/Lecturer if you are not sure which link to use.

Some Moodle courses may contain links to multiple Lecturecast sections.
Select the link to the section/content you wish to access.

2.2 The content of the section will be displayed

The Lecturecast section may open within Moodle or in a new window. In this example, it has opened within Moodle.

Click on the highlighted links to the top right of the screen to carry out various actions




View the class list and access related content


View the discussion area and post a question


Access notes, bookmarks and flagged content


Use the search function to find content

2.3 View class content

Lecturecast content is contained in classes. The Lecturecast section in this example has five classes.

Click on the link to the content you would like to view (1). Alternatively, you can click on the specific icon (2).

Grey icons indicate that content has been viewed previously.

3. View, make notes, bookmark and flag content

The video and the presentation of the selected class are displayed in the viewer.

Use the playback bar at the bottom left of the viewer to control the video.

The icons highlighted at the top on the player provide additional functionality

Item Number (refer to image above)



Make notes: The notes icon opens the notes panel allowing you to take notes in the class. Each entry is tagged with the video location and current slide showing when you began the note.


View and take part in discussions: Allows you to view any questions or comments that other students may have entered, and to respond or ask your own questions.


Post a new question: Opens the discussion panel but with a 'New question' entry box open and ready for input.


Bookmark content: Bookmark any location in the video or on a slide. The bookmark appears in your Study Guide so that you can return to the location.


Flag content: Mark content you find confusing. If the class contains both video and presentation media, select whether you are marking the video location or the slide. Flagged content is highlighted to the Tutor associated with the course.

6Turn Transcripts On / Off.  Displays in a new panel.


View class list: Lists of all the classes in the Lecturecast section.

8Turn Closed Captions On / Off.  Displays on the main screen
9Settings to control Quality and Speed

Location of playback Settings  Playback speed options

4. Navigating back to the Moodle course page

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