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Moodle serves as UCL's interactive online teaching and learning environment. It provides an expansive digital space where you can engage with your course materials, participate in a variety of activities, and collaborate with peers and educators. Key features include quizzes to test your knowledge; wikis to foster collaborative learning; discussion forums to share thoughts, ideas, and engage in intellectual debates; Lecturecast, where you can view recorded lectures at your convenience; and a robust assessment system that includes quizzes, assignments, and Turnitin, offering diverse methods to submit your assignments and receive feedback. 

What can it do?

Moodle has a wide range of tools to support learning and teaching, including tools to:

  • share resources (documents, handouts, readings, videos);
  • support communication (forums, chat, blog, wiki);
  • enable group work (wiki, database, forums, glossary, assignment);
  • support assessment (feedback, grades, assignments (including Turnitin) and quizzes);
  • manage administration (groups, calendar, usage reports, gradebook, questionnaire).

Who can use it?

Moodle is available to all UCL staff and students.