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Much assessment at UCL is managed via Moodle and can include submitting links or files to Turnitin Assignment or Moodle Assignment and completing tests via Moodle Quiz.

Typically, you will submit your work using a designated link within your module's Moodle space. The specifics of submission will be communicated by your tutor. Your Moodle Timeline (on your dashboard) registers the deadlines of any Moodle-based and Turnitin-based assignments and quizzes.

Aside from submission, Moodle is also where you may receive feedback and grades. To view all your feedback in one place refer to your My Feedback report.

The following sections further elaborate on the different types of Moodle-based assessments:

Turnitin assignments with Similarity Check

Your module may require you to submit work to a Turnitin Assignment through the module's Moodle space. Depending on your tutor's preferences, Turnitin may generate a Similarity Score for you. This score aids both staff and students in verifying citations and references to other sources. Remember, you can always obtain a Similarity Score via the Plagiarism and Academic Writing space on Moodle

For more details, refer to the Turnitin Guide.

Moodle Assignment submissions

Your task might involve submitting work to a Moodle assignment. This could be an individual piece of work or a group project. Your tutor will configure the assignment based on the expected type of submission (individual or group). The tutor may also activate Turnitin Similarity checking within a Moodle Assignment, which conducts the same text-matching similarity check as a standalone Turnitin assignment.

For additional information, check the Assignment guide.

Moodle Quizzes

Moodle Quiz is a tool used for various tests, including multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, matching, gap-fill, short-answer and calculated questions.

If an online exam is coming up on Moodle, it's advisable to practice beforehand. If your module doesn't offer practice, you can use a generic Practice Exam on Moodle .

Refer to the Student Moodle Quiz Exam Reference for instructions on navigation, saving, and submitting your exam.

MyFeedback report

This report allows both you to view all your Moodle and Turnitin assessment feedback in one place.

With MyFeedback, you can:

  • View grades and feedback from all Moodle courses in one location.
  • Export feedback and grades to Excel.
  • View feedback and grades for assignments, quizzes, workshops (for peer assessment) and manually-graded items (for offline assessments like presentations etc.).
  • Filter and sort by module and assessment type.

For further details, refer to the  My Feedback report .

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