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Much assessment at UCL is managed via Moodle and can include submitting links or files to Turnitin Assignment or Moodle Assignment, and completing tests via Moodle Quiz.

You usually submit your work via a link in your module's Moodle space. Your tutor will let you know what to do. To locate the link to submit, if Moodle spaces has an 'Activities' block, that will provide a quick link. Your Moodle calendar registers the deadlines of any assignments set up in Moodle.

As well as submitting work, you may also receive your feedback and marks via Moodle. To view all your feedback in one place refer to your My Feedback report.   

Below is more information on the different types of assessment used in Moodle courses.

Turnitin assignments with Similarity Check

You may be asked to submit work to a Turnitin Assignment, via your module's Moodle space. Depending on the settings your tutor has chosen, Turnitin may be set to generate a Similarity Check which is available to you. The Similarity Check allows staff and/or students to check citations and references to other sources. Note that you can always obtain a Similarity Check via the Plagiarism and Academic Writing space on Moodle

See to the Turnitin Guide.

Moodle Assignment submissions

You may be asked to submit work to a Moodle assignment. This could be an individual piece or work or work you have completed as part of a group.  Your tutor will set up the assignment depending  on the kind of submission expected (individual vs group).  Your tutor may enable Turnitin Similarity Check within a Moodle Assignment, which will perform the same text-matching check as in a standalone Turnitin assignment. 

See the Assignment guide

Moodle Quizzes

Moodle Quiz is used for tests and can include question types such as multiple choice, drag-and-drop, matching, gap-fill, short answer, and calculated.

If you are going to be taking an e-exam in Moodle, we recommend practising first.  If your module does not already offer a practice, you can access a generic Practice Exam on Moodle.

Refer to the Student Moodle Quiz Exam Reference for information on how to navigate,save and submit your exam at the end.

MyFeedback report

This report lets you and your personal tutor view all the feedback on your assessments in one place. Module tutors can also see student feedback for the courses they are teaching, and departmental administrators also have access.

My Feedback lets you:

  • View feedback and grades from across Moodle courses in one place.
  • Export feedback and grades to excel.
  • View feedback and grades for assignments, quizzes, workshops (for peer assessment) and manual grade items (for offline assessments like presentations etc.).
  • Filter and sort by module and assessment type.

Find out more about the My Feedback report.

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