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PLEASE NOTE: Opinio is being decommissioned at UCL on 31st July 2023. We are no longer creating new accounts, please make sure to download your survey data before this date and create any new surveys on Qualtrics. Please see our blog post for more details.

Opinio is a web-based survey tool which provides a framework for authoring and distributing surveys as well as a range of reporting facilities. Opinio provides a number of question types including multiple choice, rating, drop-down lists, numeric, matrix, essay and open-ended. Surveys can be delivered either by open-access or by invitation to a specified list. Opinio also provides a poll facility that allows you to embed polls into a webpage.

Using Opinio 

Opinio is currently only available to UCL staff and postgraduate students. Undergraduate students are advised to look at the review of web-based survey tools.

Note: Postgraduate accounts on the Opinio system are at the discretion of Opinio Administration and are given only if a member of Staff (often a Supervisor) can vouch for the student. Postgraduates should, therefore, fill out the form below but include their tutor's name and email address in the request.

Developing questionnaires
Information Systems do not provide support or advice on designing questionnaires or analysing data, however, you are advised to look at the following links before undertaking your questionnaire.

Non-technical help:

NOTE: All research involving the use of personal data must be registered with the Data Protection Officer before you can start to collect data. To register your research please complete a Registration form for new Research Projects. We also recommend reading the Data Protection Overview

Technical help:

Also, see Help files within UCL Opinio