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This FAQ is to support students with their use of Turnitin plagiarism detection software at UCL. Unless stated otherwise these FAQs relate to the use of Turnitin via UCL Moodle. Staff should refer to the Staff Turnitin FAQs page.

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is one of the tools that UCL uses to help students learn about and avoid plagiarism and to help detect it when it does occur is Turnitin. Read more...

How do I log in to Turnitin?

Most students now submit assignments to Turnitin via their UCL Moodle course; if you do not know where submission links are, please contact your course administrator or tutor.

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Pop-ups - and accepting the terms and conditions.

To use Turnitin on Moodle, you need to allow pop-ups for the Moodle site. Please make sure you allow pop-ups for "" in your browsers and any pop-up blocking software you are using.

How do I upload an assignment / dissertation to Turnitin?

To upload your assignment in to Turnitin via Moodle:
1. Navigate to your UCL Moodle course.
2. Click on the assignment.
3. Click on the My Submissions tab.
4. Fill in the assignment details, browse for your file, agree to the declaration and click Add Submission.
Please refer to the following document for further information on using Turnitin via UCL Moodle: Guidance for students submitting work via Turnitin in Moodle

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How do I view my Turnitin assignment grade and feedback in Moodle?

To view your Turnitin assignment grade and feedback via Moodle:
1. Navigate to your UCL Moodle course.
2. Click on the assignment.
3. Click on the My Submissions tab.
4. Your grade will be displayed in the Grade column (alongside the apple).
5. Click on the apple icon to view any feedback your tutor has left for you within Turnitin. The right-hand column will display any feedback your tutor has left - you can navigate through the different types of feedback using the 3 buttons below this column:

  • The 'General comments' button is selected by default and will display any comments the tutor has made about your submission overall.
  •  Clicking on the second 'QuickMarks' button will show you any in-text comments the tutor has left. Comments within the document (in-text comments) will be also displayed when you place your mouse over the speech bubble icon alongside the highlighted text.
  •  The third 'Rubric' button will show you how your assignment was graded against each criteria (if used).

6. To return to Moodle, close down the assignment window.

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What percentage unoriginality score is sufficient to indicate plagiarism?

The unoriginality score indicates text matches with other documents, including for example quotations that are used. We advise students that there is no score they should aim for as a target. The important thing is to ensure that ideas and quotations used are properly referenced in an appropriate academic style, not to aim for a particular unoriginality score.

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A piece of work has an unoriginality score of 0%. Does this mean it is not plagiarised?

No, an unoriginality score of 0% does not guarantee the work is not plagiarised. Turnitin has a large database of web sites, books, journal papers and other sources, but does not (and cannot) include everything ever written.

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If I resubmit an assignment, won’t it show up as a 100% match?

No, work submitted within a single assignment by a particular student will never match another submissions within the same assignment made by the same student. An assignment will only match work by the same student across multiple assignments (unless your tutor has set it as a draft assignment that doesn't submit your work to Turnitin).

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What file formats will Turnitin accept?

Most common word-processing formats are accepted. Turnitin will accept documents in Microsoft Word for PC, WordPerfect, PostScript, text-based PDF, HTML, RTF, and plain text. Microsoft Powerpoint and Excel documents, and formats for computer programming languages are not accepted.  Please note, Turnitin does not accept Apple files, including Microsoft Word for Mac.  Documents created on Microsoft Word for Mac will need to be saved as a text-based PDF or RTF before submission, or opened with Microsoft Word for PC and re-saved.


Equations created in Word using Microsoft Equation are compatible with Turnitin, but equations created in other applications and then converted to PDF are likely to cause problems when the document is displayed in Turnitin®. If you need to submit documents containing equations to Turnitin please read the advice below: Will Turnitin accept documents containing equations?

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Will Turnitin accept documents containing equations?

As long as you use Word (with Microsoft Equation) to create your document, Turnitin® should have no trouble displaying your assignment. Word is available to all students free of charge via WTS:

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What is the maximum file size that can be submitted to Turnitin?

The maximum file size is approximately 20MB.

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Will Turnitin accept documents containing images?

Turnitin only accepts documents containing images if those documents also contain some text.

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How can I minimise the file size of my submission?

It may be necessary to compress a document so it is small enough to be uploaded to Turnitin. This is especially true for long documents (such as dissertations) and documents that contain many images.
Saving Word documents to PDF format will often compress the document to a small size, but if your file is still above the maximum upload limit you can follow these instructions to compress the PDF further.
To compress or minimise the file size of large PDF documents:

On a PC:

If you don't already have software to compress PDF documents you can install the following free software and then follow the steps below.
1. Download and install PDFCreator from:
2. Launch the PDFCreator.
3. Drag your document on to the PDFCreator window OR click Document > Add and locate and open the file.
4. Click OK when the message appears saying: "It is necessary to temporarily set PDFCreator as default printer".
5. Click save.
6. Change the filename if you want to retain the original uncompressed version.
7. Once the file has finished compressing the default printer will be changed back and the compressed PDF file will open.

On a Mac:
1. Open the PDF in the Preview application.
2. File > Save As... or if this isn't an option File > Export...
3. In the Quartz filter drop-down menu choose 'Reduce File Size'.
4. If you want to keep the original uncompressed version, change the file name.
5. Click Save.

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Why can't I see my Turnitin assignment?

In some cases your tutor will set up the assignment submission box so you are unable to view your similarity report. Please check with your tutor if this is the case.
If your tutor has not enabled you to view your similarity report then UCL provides a centrally available assignment draft checking service on it's Plagiarism and academic writing Moodle course that you can use instead.
If your tutor has enabled students to viw their similarity reports then please check you are using Internet Explorer 8 or later or Firefox web browsers. The new Turnitin 2 document viewer is not compatible with older versions of Internet Explorer.

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Why won't the new title of my submission appear when I rename it?

Sometimes if you have named your assignment submission title incorrectly (forgetting your candidate number, or including your name for an anonymous assignment) you will need to rename it when you next upload a version of your submission to Turnitin. This must be done before the due date, otherwise you will need to ask your tutor or course administrator to do this on your behalf.
Turnitin will only display the new assignment title when the next report is generated. As Turnitin will only generate a new report every 24 hours, it may take up to 24 hours for the new assignment title to display.

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How do I resubmit my assignment?

In the past, students had to delete old submissions before resubmitting. Now you just upload over the top of your old submission instead. When you do this the submitted date should update to show the date and time of the latest submission. You will only receive a new originality report every 24 hours, so if you submit multiple times within a 24 hour period you will not see the new report immediately.


Once the due date has passed, you will not be able to resubmit your work. Only those students who have submitted nothing will be able to submit (if your tutor has enabled late submissions). To resubmit after the due date, your tutor will need to delete your existing submission first, so you can then upload the new file.

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I have re-upload my work, but I cannot get the similarity report?


Turnitin will only generate ONE similarity report every 24 hours

If you upload more than one assignment within a 24 hour period, it will take 24 hours before a new similarity report is generated.  During this time, your submission may appear as 'Pending'.  

When I click to accept the agreement prior to submitting my work, nothing happens?

In the new version of Turnitin (launched September 2014), you now need to accept an agreement prior to submitting your work.  In order to do this, you need to have pop-ups enabled on your browser.  For information on how to enable pop-ups on different web browsers, please click here.

I have uploaded my work, but I get the error ''the originality service is not available for this paper: a problem occured when processing the application URL"

When uploading your work, the connection to Turnitin may become corrupted, resulting in the error message above when you try to see your originality report.  In order to resolve these, you will need to resubmit your work.  Do note that only one similarity report is generated every 24 hours, so you will need to allow enough time before checking again.




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