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Welcome to the Educational Media Resource Centre

The aim of the resource centre is to provide advice and guidance on creating media resources for teaching and learning.

Please visit the Rationale pages for guidance on idenitfying the most appropriate type of media resource for your intended learning outcomes.

When creating resources for teaching and learning purposes, the first consideration should always be: what is the intented learning outcome?

Once that has been identified, we can select the most appropriate type of media to create, the appropriate tools and sharing method.

With any resources you need to regularly review the content and it's ongoing fitness for purpose.

    The purpose of this section is to help you identify if you need to create a media resource and what would be the most appropriate resource to create.

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    When creating resources it's important that we ensure that as many of our target audience as possible can benefot from them. In this section we discuss the key considerations for ensuring your content is inclusive and accessible.

    Visit Accessibility and Inclusion

    This section will provide advice and guidance on designing, creatin and sharing educational video resources. The content is organised into 6 sub-sections.

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    Audio recording and podcasts can sometimes be a better alternative to video for educational resources. This section contains an 8 episode guide to creating and designing podcasts and audio content.

    Visit Podcasts and Audio Content

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