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Demographic Assignment

Use this type of slide to assign respondants to different demographic groups. So, for example you could ask respondants which gender they were, which age group they belonged to, or any other question e.g. how they commute to work in the morning.

Demographics becomes powerful when you use the Demographic Comparison. You can use a demographic comparison to display the results of a Multiple Choice, Priority Ranking or True/False polling slide according to your demographic information.

A presentation must contain at least one demographic and one polling slide or demographics in the selected participant list to set up a demographic comparison.

How to insert a demographic comparison...
1 Select an insertion point in the PowerPoint presentation for the demographic comparison slide.
2 From the TurningPoint ribbon/toolbar, click Tools and select Demographic Comparison. The Add Demographic Comparison Slide window opens.
3 Select the Demographic from the drop-down menu.
4 Select the Question from the drop-down menu.
5 Click Insert.

Ice Breakers

An ice breaker slide is used to get the participants familiar with the polling technology. They are best used at the start of a presentation. TurningPoint provides two types of ice breaker slide.

Priority Ranking

The priority ranking slide allows for up to 10 answer choices. The slide weighs participants’ choices and then ranks them accordingly.


A likert slide is used to determine varying levels of agreement or disagreement. You could use a normal multiple choice slide to do this, but a Likert slide gives you the answer options pre-formatted.

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