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Setting up a classlist allows you to tie responce devices to respondants. You would do this if it is important to know who has has answered what to a particular question.

To use classlists you can either use a signup list within the software, which will work well for small groups of up to 10. For larger groups it is recommended thta you set up a CSV list of participants, and then, when you give the presentation, make sure each respondant gets the right device listed in the spreadsheet.

You cant use the CSv spreadsheet method in the three lecture theatres where the handsets are fixed in place, because you cant see the device ID code on the back of them.

To load a participants list

Create your CSV file

Open a spread sheet editor (usually Microsoft Excel), open a new spreadsheet and enter your participants details.

In the first column enter the device ID they will be using (this is a six character code found on the back of the voting device)
Second column contains Last Name
Third column contains First Name

and optionally the fourth column can contain their UserID

Save the file as a CSV file.

Import the CSV file

Start the TurningPoint software

Go to Participants -> Manage -> Create New List

Then select Create Manually and Create List

Go to Participant -> Import -> CSV

Browse for your CSV file, you will be shown a preview screen, select Import, you will be prompted that previous data will be overwritten, and then Save and Close

To view and export results

After running your presentation you can view a report of the results by going to Session -> Reports.

At the top right of the Reports window there is a dropdown that allows you to filter by different criteria. To export the data click the Export button.

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