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  • Working with different versions of TurningPoint software
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Over the summer lecture theatres with the new desktop were upgraded from TurningPoint version 4.3.2 (which identifies itself as TurningPoint 2008) to version 5.2.1
If you have a personal installation of TurningPoint 2008, it is recommended that you upgrade it to version 5.2.1 The download for TurningPoint 5.2.1 can be found on the Software Database

Unfortunately presentations created in one version cannot be run in the other version. If you attempt to open a presentation created in TurninPoint 2008, in TurningPoint 5.2.1, it will prompt you to convert the file, which is a one way process.

There is no backwards conversion process for presentations created in 5.2.1, back to version 4.3.2 (TurningPoint 2008)

If you have presentations created in TurningPoint 2008 that you want to be able to use on either version, then the best advice is to make two copies of the file. Label one '2008' and use it with TurningPoint 2008, the other label '521' and use with TurningPoint 5.2.1

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