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  • Project Meeting - 23rd July 2010



  1. Attendees
  2. Apologies
  3. Case Updates
  4. Tools and resources update
  5. Issues
  6. Other business
  7. Date of next meeting


1. Attendees

Tito Castillo (TC), Janet Masters(JM), Pascal Heus(PH), Andy Ryan(AR), Anthony Thomas(AT), Aida Sanchez(AS), Spiros Denaxas(SD)

2. Apologies

Rachel Knowles(RK), Pat Tookey(PT)

3. Case Updates


AR has continued to add the high level metadata for the questionnaires. TC has continued to generate variable level metadata using the utility he has developed. TC and AR will work together to merge the two sets of metadata using the metadata toolkit.


Due to holidays there has not been much movement with NSH. Some high level metadata has been generated by JM and she will email PH to validate the work so far. AT and TC will review the tool developed by TC for UKCTOCS and how it can be modified for use with the NSHPC Excel source data.


SD has been using samples of data files to produce DDI using the metadata editor. PH will confirm correct formatting of the XML output.

Whitehall II

AS has an Excel file with questionnaire text to use for the metadata. AS will communicate with PH off-line to high level metadata placement in DDI. AS will supply AT with a version of the access policy for uploading to NADA. AS will also complete contact details for the study. PH has generated a data dictionary using the study's SAS files; there are no value lables yet, but PH is generating.


RK was not present at the meeting an update will be requested.

4. Tools & Resources

The following tools were mentioned during the conference call:
Colectica Reader - a free DDI3 reader
Colectica Express - a reduced cost version of Colectica which can work with DDI2 and DDI3. A direct link to this version was not found.
Lime Survey - Open source web based survey application software
Clover ETL - a free community edition will be released July 2010

5. Issues

AS requeste a timeline for milestone events such as the deadline. The existing project timeline page will be used.

6. Other business

TC has recommended a retrospective with UKDA as facilitators for the end of September to coincide with PH's visit (27-Sep-2010).

7. Date of next meeting

14.30 Friday 6th August 2010.

14.30 Thursday 5th August 2010.


14.30 Friday 27th August 2010.