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  • Project Meeting - 25th June 2010



  1. Attendees
  2. Apologies
  3. Case Updates
  4. Tools and resources update
  5. Issues
  6. Other business
  7. Date of next meeting


1. Attendees

Aida Sanchez (AS), Anthony Thomas (AT), Janet Masters (JM), Pascal Heus (PH)

2. Apologies

Pat Tookey (PT), Spiros Denaxas (SD), Andy Ryan (AR), Tito Castillo (TC)

3. Case Updates


AR has been working through the tables containing the data acquired from the recruitment and three year follow-up. He has annotated an Excel spreadsheet recording table, field names, data type, data description and questionnaire text. TC has been developing a utility that will combine the spreadsheet data with create-table SQL scripts to produce DDI XML.

AR has also populated some top level metadata for UKCTOCS, but with some issues. AR feels that the metadata editor is not designed for ongoing clinical trials, but he is continuing with the work.

AR has identified some other studies within the Gynaecological Cancer Research Centre that would benefit from preparation of metadata and is promoting the concept.


JM has continued working on the master spreadsheet containing the questionnaire text. In addition to adding more text JM has highlighted data that is not required for DDI. This exercise has also assisted in analysing and reworking the database. Once TC has completed development of the DDI export tool DDI will be produced from the spreadsheet.


SD is currently on a three week training course offsite.


RK has continued using the metadata editor and has added variable groups. RK has changed the format of the data from wide to long. This means that there is now one row of data for each operation a child will have received and not column. RK will continue to use the metadata editor to provide descriptive notes for the remaining variables.

ACTION 1: AT to upload new version of DDI to NADA.

Whitehall II

AS will update the metadata over the next two weeks with high level information such as access policy and data sharing policy. There is already documentation covering the survey description and data dictionary. This is currently in a proprietary XML format. PH will investigate writing a XSLT to take the existing study XML to produce DDI.

SAS 6 has been used extensively in the study, but there is currently no tool available to take SAS data and produce DDI. PH will develop a transformation tool for this purpose and he feels that this will be useful to the DDI community outside of SERPent.

4. Tools & Resources

ACTION 2: LimeSurvey to be installed on development server for review with Colectica.

5. Issues

None reported.

6. Other business


7. Date of next meeting

14.30 Friday 9th July 2010.