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  • Project Meeting - 27th August 2010
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  1. Attendees
  2. Apologies
  3. Case Updates
  4. Tools and resources update
  5. Issues
  6. Other business
  7. Date of next meeting


1. Attendees

Tito Castillo (TC), Pascal Heus(PH), Anthony Thomas(AT), Janet Masters(JM), Aida Sanchez(AS), Andy Ryan(AR)

2. Apologies

Spiros Denaxas(SD), Rachel Knowles(RK)

3. Case Updates


AR has continued to work on the high level metadata data. He is also compiling a data access document for addition to the NADA catalogue.
TC is continuing to work with the variables with attention to the variable labels to provide more information about the associated label.
TC reported that there has been a slight issue when generating the PDF documentation. If the variable name is long the rendering does not format correctly. PH suggested altering the page orientation.


AT has documented the variables from the database, but had problems with duplicate variable names. PH advised that each table in the database should be considered a separate data file and this will avoid variable name conflicts. AT will process each table separately.


SD was unavailable to provide an update. He will be contacted for an email update.

Whitehall II

PH is continuing development of the SAS to DDI2 tool that will be made publicly available.
PH will merge the actual questionnaire text with his current output.


RK was unavailable to provide an update. She will be contacted for an email update.

4. Tools & Resources

REDCap: a web base data capture tool for research studies (http://wiki.ucl.ac.uk/display/ICHPaedUniSERPent/REDCap+-+Overview). TC has been in contact with Vanderbilt University for consortium membership. Once membership is approved a demonstration version will be installed for review. An exciting possibility is extending NADA to support DDI. Once survey databases are designed using REDCap it could be possible to generate DDI documentation through adding functionality with further development.

NADA: The install being used for SERPent has not been reconfigured in any way. The look and feel will be changed to provide some form of branding.

5. Issues

Dates encoded as characters are not appearing in the DDI XML output.

6. Other business


7. Date of next meeting

14.30 Friday 10th September 2010.