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Note: Some headings provide links to further information.

Data Documentation Initiative (DDI)

DDI has been actively developed since 1995 and has reached version 3. Whilst the first two version concerned themselves simply with the representation of metadata requirements for archival of social science datasets, version 3 has been completely revised to allow for the support of the complete study life-cycle. In the long-term, adoption of version 3 for the purposes of this group would seem to be desirable however the available tools for the support of v3 are still too immature. We have chosen to focus on the existing v2.1standard for this short project.

IHSN Microdata Management Toolkit

The main tool that we have chosen to use and extend is the International Household Survey Network's Microdata Management Toolkit. This provides a combination of tools for the creation, editing and deployment of DDI compliant metadata catalogues.

Colectica Reader

A free DDI3 reader.

Colectica Express

A reduced cost version of Colectica which can work with DDI2 and DDI3. A direct link to this version was not found.

Lime Survey

Open source web based survey application software.

Clover ETL

A free community edition will be released July 2010.

National Data Archive application (NADA)

NADA is a free web-based survey cataloging system that serves as a portal for researchers to browse, search, apply for access, and download relevant census or survey data and metadata.

REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture)

REDCap is a web based tool for creating databases used in online surveys.Please read the document REDCap - Overview which provides a summary.