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Research impact is the demonstrable effect of research in the real world. Creating and measuring impact is a complex process, but there are a number of things you can do to maximise the influence of your work.      

    This evidence-informed toolkit helps you to think through issues it may be useful to address when planning your impact. Each section has one mandatory question* (marked with a red asterisk). On your first visit try to respond to these if nothing else, even if you only jot down your initial thoughts. The toolkit is designed so that you can revisit and fill out your answers at various points as your project and outputs develop. There are many other resources to help you on your journey, we will signpost to them in the relevant sections to help you plan for the best results.

   Start by filling out your responses to the questions below and then use the menu to guide you through the five sections: Evidence claim; aims; activities and mechanisms; assessing impact and contexts. There is also a glossary of terms we use in the toolkit. 

1) What is the name of your project(s)?



2) What are your research outputs (to date)? This means anything that is the product of your research investigation. For e.g journal articles, digital artifacts (such as web content), physical artifacts, exhibitions, books, book chapters etc.



3) At what stage is your research? (tick all that apply and use the box for further notes)

  • Planned
  • In progress                        
  • Completed




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