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General Information

 Technical Specifications

Create link here e.g. objective lenses

Add more links as needed e.g. filters, lasers, incubation equipment, stage adapters


Create link here e.g. a Quick Start guide

Add more links as needed e.g. specific and detailed instructions, links to outside resources

Location: Room Number, Building

Write a description of the microscope. Does it have an upright or inverted stand? Give a brief description of the key features and uses of the machine. Are there any special features? For example, GFP4 has a Phasics SID4Bio camera for quantitative phase imaging; no other microscope in the LMCB has that, so anyone wanting to use that technique will have to use that microscope. The Olympus FV1200 has a SIM scanner for simultaneous photo-ablation while imaging with the conventional confocal scanner. Mention the strengths of the machine, like high resolution, sensitivity or speed in comparison to other systems.

The width of this column is 90% of the screen. The width of the picture column on the left is 300 pixels. The image should be at or just less than 300 pixels in width.

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