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  • Copying data to Research Data Services
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Research Data Services upgraded their storage service in November 2017. Previously, if you wanted to move data from a microscope computer to your RDS project folder you would have to use an FTP client like Filezilla or WinSCP. Now it is possible to mount your project folder as a drive in Windows. To do this in Windows 7, please follow the procedure below:

  1. Click on the Windows Start Button and select Computer
  2. Click 'Map network drive'
  3. In the folder field, type \\ssh.rd.ucl.ac.uk\ followed by your RDS project folder. For example, to connect to a project folder called 'ritd-ag-project-rd011d-shtf76' I would type: '\\ssh.rd.ucl.ac.uk\ritd-ag-project-rd011w-shtf76'
  4. Check the box 'Connect using different credentials'
  5. In the User name field, type in your UCL username preceded by ad\
  6. Type in your UCL password
  7. Click OK

Your RDS project folder should now mount as a drive and you can drag and drop your data into it. Please remember to disconnect from your drive at the end of your session; otherwise other people may have access to your folder and could accidentally delete data or erroneously save their data in your project.

More information

The changes above are quite new so RDS doesn't have full instructions on their web page yet. This will be updated in time, so please check their site below for any additional information:


The other method of accessing your RDS project folder using an FTP client still works and is fully described on the RDS web page. The client software will need to be installed on the computer, so if you want to use that method you will have to email the Light Microscopy Facility to find out whether a client is or can be installed.

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