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Objective lenses

MagnificationImmersionTypeDICNACover slip correctionWD (mm)
10xAirPlan Apo λDIC L0.450.174
20xAirPlan ApoDIC M0.750.171
40xAirPlan ApoDIC M0.950.11 - 0.230.21
60xAOilPlan ApoDIC N21.40.170.21
100xOilPlan Apo λ-1.450.170.13
100x†Silicone OilSR HP Plan Apo λS-1.350.15 - 0.190.3

†The 100x silicone oil lens is available on request.

NA = Numerical Aperture, WD = Working Distance

Fluorescence filter sets

Wide-field Fluorescence Filters

These filter and dichroic mirror configurations are available when the light path is oriented towards the fluorescence filter wheel and Andor Zyla camera on the right-hand port.

Quad-band filters for fast switching to the Zyla Camera. High speed but risk of cross-talk.

Filter ID

Excitation Wavelength

Dichroic Mirror

Emission Filter (in quad)

Example Fluorophores

DAPI385 nm86012v2 Dapi/FITC/TxRed/Cy5~ 455nm - 485nmDAPI, Hoechst
FITC470 nm86012v2 Dapi/FITC/TxRed/Cy5~ 510nm - 545nmGFP, FITC
TxRed550 nm86012v2 Dapi/FITC/TxRed/Cy5~ 590nm - 630nmRFP, mCherry
Cy5635 nm86012v2 Dapi/FITC/TxRed/Cy5~ 670nm - 740nmCy5

Sedat quad-band dichroic and single-band emission filters for slower switching. Lower speed but reduced cross-talk between channels.

Filter ID

Excitation Wavelength

Dichroic Mirror

Emission Filter (in wheel)

Example Fluorophores

DAPI385 nm89000 Sedat Quad435 - 485DAPI, Hoechst
GFP470 nm89000 Sedat Quad500 - 550GFP, FITC
RFP550 nm89000 Sedat Quad590 - 650RFP, mCherry
Cy5660 nm89000 Sedat Quad662 - 737Cy5
CFP470 nm89002 CFP/YFP460 - 500CFP
eYFP500 nm89002 CFP/YFP520 - 550YFP

iSIM Filters

The iSIM has the following quad-band dichroic and emission filter in its scan head. The emission filter is Chroma part number 88100bs from Pinkel set 88000v2.

LaserDichroic Mirror (reflection bands)Emission FilterExample Fluorophores
405400 - 410430 - 485DAPI, Hoechst
488483 - 493520 - 550GFP, FITC
561556 - 566590 - 630RFP, mCherry
640635 - 645680 - 740Cy5

The iSim has the following emission filters in Optospin Wheel 0

PositionLaserEmission bandExample Fluorophores
1Any88000v2 QuadMost
2405410 - 510DAPI, Hoechst
3488475 - 575GFP, FITC
4561550 - 650tdTomato, TRITC
5561555 - 705mCherry, Texas Red
6642625 - 775Cy5

Camera Specifications

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