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Agendo 3 migration

Migration to the Agendo 3 database system is scheduled for Monday 16th September. Please see my Agendo 3 Introduction document for information about how the interface differs from the current booking system.

After training, users are given an account on the Agendo booking system that will allow them to reserve time on the microscopes or analysis computers. Please see the Agendo Introduction for information on how to start using the booking system. New users will also be added to the lmcb-lm-users@ucl.ac.uk mailing list. If you haven't been added to this list then you can subscribe at the following address: http://www.mailinglists.ucl.ac.uk/mailman/listinfo/lmcb-lm-users.

General Booking Rules

These rules apply to all the microscopes, but for microscopes with their own booking rules (e.g. the Vox), where there is a conflict between the general rules and the microscope-specific rules the latter will take precedence over the general rules.

  • All microscopes MUST be booked before use; even if this means booking immediately before use. The Agendo system can be accessed from the confocal microscope computers, so a reservation can be made from the microscope system before the start of a session if necessary.
  • The system will not allow you to reserve an appointment if the start time has already passed. If you cannot reserve time because of this, reserve whatever time you subsequently require for the current session. You may also send an email to lmcb-lm-help@ucl.ac.uk to ask a member of LM staff to book time in the past
  • If you have reserved time on a microscope, but you know you will not be able use it, you MUST delete the reservation from the booking system before the start of the reserved time.
  • If you cancel your slot less than 2 hours before it is due to begin you MUST send an alert to the Agendo or lmcb-lm-users@ucl.ac.uk mailing lists (see section on alerting users below). This is to prevent the machine being left on by previous users who still think you are going to use it, and to alert potential users to the free slot.
  • Whenever you finish or cancel your session you MUST find out if anyone has reserved a slot after you. You may have received an email with this information, but you must still check the booking system. This must be done at the end of the time you reserved if possible.
  • If you are the last user you MUST shut the machine down, even if it is early in the day. This should be done after you use your slot or immediately after you cancel your slot. Note that there are some exceptions to this rule. The Elyra should always be left on and the analysis computers should be left on but logged out.
  • If you want to cancel your reservation after the start of your time slot, or if you finish more than an hour early, you MUST send an email to the mailing list to alert others. You are responsible for shutting the machine down if there are no users booked after you. Note that the booking system does not allow you to delete slots that have already begun.

The rules are designed to preserve the life of the confocal systems and to ensure everybody has fair access to the machines. Failure to observe them will initially result in a warning email, after which booking privileges will be removed; initially for one week but increasing to two weeks, three weeks etc. if the problem continues. Warnings and other penalties will elapse after six months if there have been no more infringements.

Alerting users or receiving alerts when bookings are deleted or modified

If you delete or modify a booking at short notice you MUST always alert other users in case someone else wants to use that time. There are two ways you can do this:

  • Send an email to lmcb-lm-users@ucl.ac.uk. This will alert everybody on the mailing list
  • Use the built-in mailing list in the Agendo main menu, which can be used to alert users of particular machines (see Agendo Introduction)

In addition, if you want to be alerted when a single slot on a microscope or other resource becomes free you can add yourself to the Waiting List for that slot in Agendo. It is also possible to receive alerts when all slots are deleted or modified for a particular resource in My resource permissions.

Additional Microscope Specific Booking Rules

The following rules currently apply to the following confocal and super-resolution microscopes: Radiance, SPE, SPE2, SPE3, SP5, Multiphoton, Elyra, STED.

  • Prime time: 0900 to 1700 Monday to Friday
  • No restrictions on booking outside prime time
  • Maximum number of hours per user per day in prime time: 4
  • Maximum number of hours per user per week in prime time: 12
  • You may only book 2 weeks in advance

The Vox and 3i spinning disc microscopes have additional rules because of the particular requirements of live imaging and time-lapse.

Time-lapse microscopes GFP1, GFP2 and GFP3 have additional rules because of the particular requirements of live imaging and time-lapse.

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