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  • Nikon N-STORM - Quick Shutdown Instructions
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  1. When you have finished with your experiments first make sure that all your data have been saved in a secure place. If you are transferring to server, use Copy & Paste. 

  2. Remove your sample from the microscope stage and clean any oil objectives you have used with the Whatman 105 lens tissue provided.Please check the nosepiece for oil or media spills and and clean them if there are. 

  3. Close the NIS-Elements software and log out of Windows (If someone else is booked on the microscope after you you can stop here, otherwise proceed with step 4 - 6).

  4. Shut down the PC.

  5. On the front of the LU-NV laser bed, turn off each individual laser by pressing on the white button with the wavelength on them, and then turn the key in the OFF position.  Wait 3 minutes.

  6. Last switch off the three sockets on the wall labelled Laser Bed, Laser Controller and N-STORM Devices.
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