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Temperature and CO2 control for timelapse microscopy

This is a set of basic operating instructions for temperature and CO2 control on Okolab Cage incubators.

Temperature is regulated by the Bold Line T Unit and the chamber is heated by warm air supplied via flexible ducting from a Heating Box. The Heating Box is placed very close to the chamber and the ducting is cut to length to reduce heat loss. The Bold Line CO2 Unit mixes air and CO2 to achieve the desired CO2 percentage. CO2 is supplied from cylinders and air is provided by an Okolab supplied Air Pump. Air can also be supplied by the building compressed air system if this is set up.

Turning on and setting the temperature of the incubation system

Turn the system on and off using the switch on the left-hand side of the Oko-Touch controller (below, A). Set the temperature by pressing the temperature display and adjusting the set point as shown (B). The actual Oko-Touch display may differ a little from the diagrams below.

Setting the CO2 concentration and turning on the supply

Adjust the CO2 concentration in the same way as you set the temperature, by pressing the CO2 display and changing the set point (below, C)

GFP4 only

In addition, for GFP4, you must also specify the air source that the gas mixer uses to achieve the desired gas mix, otherwise the CO2 set point will not be reached. To specify the air source, press the cog button on the left of the Oko-Touch screen (below, D). Press Gas (E), then press Air Source (F). Press Air Pump to start supplying air (G). Press the Home button to return to the main display.

Turning off the CO2 supply and temperature control

Turn off the CO2 supply by reducing the CO2 set point to 0.0%. On GFP4 you must also turn off the Air Pump by setting the Air Source to Compressed Air (see G above). If no-one will be using the chamber after you or if the next user wants to use the microscope at room temperature you should turn off the system using the switch on the Oko-Touch controller.

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